The Book of Mistakes – Kid Care Approved Review

Our latest book, The Book of Mistakes by Corinna Luyken, ( scored a whopping 95%.

The story is about how our mistakes are treasures in the making.  The twists and turns of life can paint a beautiful life tapestry. This book reminds of Bob Ross, A TV painter who said, “We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.”  

Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist, said, “One day in retrospect you will look at those days of struggle as the most beautiful.”  In my office as a counselor, I have found that to be true!  

Our reviewers of The Book of Mistakes say this:

Peggy O’Mara, the founder of and editor and publisher of Mothering magazine from 1980-2011, said this, “I cried as I read The Book of Mistakes. It brilliantly uses illustration to tell the story of how mistakes become part of the creative process, even become part of who we are.” Read more here

Robin Coarts, Institute for Humane Education, “Right out the gate, as the reader, it was easy to relate to the “mistake” of drawing a face with disproportionate features, as so often this is how children learn to draw. Throughout the book, the “mistakes” are becoming a reflection on the page. The illustrations are appropriate for this story and allow the reader an opportunity to explore each page beyond the words.” Read more here

Science reported by Peggy O’Mara states, “According to the science of learning, failure is essential. Research suggests that students do better in school when they are told that failure is a normal part of learning. Neuroscience tells us that when we focus on a mistake, we increase the chances that it will happen again. Instead, focusing on the new learning and laying down a new neural pathway requires letting go of the mistakes.

If you would like your child to become more resilient, please check out these conscious altering techniques. We have teamed up with Mellisa Dormoy to provide parents with some tools to help their children with impulse regulation. 

In addition, there are numerous examples of scientific breakthroughs that were preceded by mistakes. In fact, the very essence of science is to evolve understanding based on past mistakes. Science is a way of thinking, a process, and mistakes are essential to eventual success. They are what pave the way for success.”

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Happy Reading to Happier Mistakes!


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