Stress Free & Focus Package: release stress and learn calming relaxation techniques


Stress Free & Focus Package

Available as Downloads or as a 5 CDs Package, see full description below

Stress Free and Focus
Stress Management Guided Relaxation: helps release stress and teaches calming relaxation
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CD 1 – One with the Universe

Recommended ages 5-10   The first journey called “One with the Universe” helps your child release stress and to calm herself (or himself) instantly. It’s very helpful for children who have anxieties. Your child will love this amazing journey as he/she first learns self-relaxation gliding like the wind, and then riding in a rainbow balloon that clears out negativity and restores peace and confidence.

This CD builds self-confidence while helping children imagine themselves as successful, surrounded by love and acceptance. Children will understand true winning and what that means as well as allowing your child to work with healing colors.  Finally, in the loving rainbow journey, your child sees self as various things in nature (the wind, a leaf, the clouds and more) before coming back for a nice deep sleep or a restful day.  Your child is introduced to the concept of ” I am everything and everything is in me”, a truly powerful and lovely CD.

The second journey is entitled “Bubble Magic”. This meditation begins with the progressive relaxation technique and balloon breath and gives children tools to deal with worries and fears. It then allows children to visualize and create positive scenes in various areas of their life: family, friends, self, school and personal skills. They are encouraged in love and given many positive affirmations throughout. A truly wonderful Cd! Benefits: Heightens Self Awareness, Improves Self Esteem, Enhances Creativity, Teaches Connection & Oneness with All, Teaches calming & quick relaxation techniques, Stress Reduction,

Teaches body and breathe awareness, Worry and Fear Release, Bubbles of Positive Visualization, family, friends and self.

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CD 2 – Magical Journey Within – Relaxation and Self-Esteem Meditation

Kids Self Esteem Guided Relaxation: teaches children to recognize their own powerful inner strength, how to be calm and feel good each day

Recommended ages 6-9. This amazing CD will allow your children to drift off to sleep knowing they are Love and Light. Your child begins the journey by breathing in peace and love…

First releasing negative events of the day with a bubble of love, then to see themselves as love and light, their true nature.

They learn how to change a situation by projecting love to any person or situation through their heart center. They are magically guided to a beautiful flower garden where they are encouraged to listen to Mother Nature and watch beautiful oceans of butterflies dancing in the breeze. In this magical place, they are also given loving self-esteem affirmations.

This Cd is intended to instruct your child in recognizing their own spiritual power (as pure love and light) but also to calm and soothe and feel good each day. It makes a wonderful gift and can be used every night to help your child drift off to sleep knowing he or she is loved fully and completely. Formerly entitled Child of Love, Child of Light.

Benefits: Elevates Self Esteem, Stress Reduction, Teaches calming techniques & how to meditate, Teaches focusing on Inner Light and Peace, Trusting your inner knowing, Speaking Truth from Within, Builds Self Confidence

*note – the cover of your CD may be different than pictured as we have recently updated the cover.

BUY NOW: Magical Journey Within – Relaxation and Self-Esteem Meditation (MP3) – $9.99

CD 3 – Calm and Clarity: helps children focus and concentrate and channels abundant energy in creative and positive ways

Recommended for ages 6-10 years. Benefit from the natural and easy alternative to medication! This CD uses progressive relaxation techniques and positive visualization to focus memory, concentration and promote educational success. Your child will be taught a grounding technique for times when quiet and calm are needed.

After achieving complete relaxation, children are encouraged to pay close attention to their environment and what others say and feel. They are gently guided to improve areas that need attention. A calming and relaxing tonic for every child.

Benefits: Helps children focus and concentrate, Teaches kids how to calm themselves – and stay that way, Channels abundant energy in creative, positive ways, Encourages healthy self-esteem, Releases negative self-talk, Helps children control their body and impulses, Helps children see their gifts, Uses progressive relaxation, Emphasizes positive visualization 

BUY NOW: Inner Calm MP3 – $9.99

CD 4 – The Law of Attraction for kids: Teaches Self Confidence and Responsibility

Recommended ages 5-9. Isn’t it true in life that we get back what we put out? Now you can help teach your child this Universal Law through creative meditation and relaxing fairytale! Each meditation is filled with the splendor of heavenly relaxation and calm while guiding your child to understand how important our thoughts and our imagination are in our lives.

In “The Magic Garden” your child will discover and play in his or her own special secret garden that has always been there, and plant seeds of positive visualizations and affirmations. They will be reminded to continually water the seeds with loving thoughts so they will grow and grow!

In “The Magician”, your child will float on a magic cloud to a crystal castle in the sky. There he or she will meet a very famous magician who will teach them about using their good thoughts to create true magic in life!

Benefits: Teaches the Creative Power of Thought, Positive Visualization, Builds Self Confidence and Responsibility, Enhances Imagination, Uses Guided Imagery, Uses Progressive Relaxation

BUY NOW: The Law of Attraction: The Power of Positive Thinking (MP3) – $9.99

CD 5 – Relaxed and in Control: helps children manage anger and emotions

Our Anger Management CD or Mp3 helps your child learn how to manage anger and strong emotions with the tools and techniques shared on these two incredible sessions. In Paintbrush Magic children will explore healthy responses to anger and upset and know that it’s okay to express themselves and have big feelings

This audio helps your child access that special, relaxed “all is well” inner strength, even in the midst of very strong feelings. This deeply relaxing session can help your child release fears and sadness that can lie beneath anger.

In The Superhero Within, children will connect with their amazing inner superhero who knows how to deal with big emotions and respond in healthy, positive ways. Your child will use visualizations and positive affirmations along with the teaching segment to practice new found skills of true inner peace and well being. Children will learn to take time and cool off, talk calmly about their feelings in an affirming way and are encouraged to see how great they can be at problem-solving and communication.

If your child experiences anger or strong reactions and you want a fantastic, wonderful tool to help, here it is!

Benefits: Equips children with tools for positive communication, Improves self-esteem & reduces stress, Teaches & reinforces positive anger management Techniques, Good for both boys and girls, Promotes being a positive role model for others, improves communication and peaceful thinking, Teaches how forgiveness opens our hearts & heals, Helps children remain in control of their thoughts and reactions, Provides nurturing positive thoughts to go to sleep by or during quiet time.

BUY NOW: Relaxes & In Control (MP3) – $9.99

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