These 5 Products will help your baby sleep better (and maybe longer) !!!!!


How do I get my baby to sleep? 

We all know that babies sleep is unpredictable.  Some babies sleep better than others.  When I was a mother, I swear that my babies were born with their nights and days all mixed up.  They would wake up in the middle of the night and want to play. They’d be cooing and smiling, and I couldn’t resist and smiled and cooed back. 

We would all like a magic solution to sleep.  I have a new grandbaby on its way any day now. So very exciting.

I was looking for a present online and found all these terrific ways to help babies sleep.  I was going to share them with you.  Please do let me know if any of you have tried them and have you found success with them?  I would like to make a purchase.  Because, when the baby is sleeping, mama is sleeping and feels much better to take care of the little one and any other children.

Don’t forget, when the baby sleeps, mama sleeps. 

1 – The Snoo Bassinet

 The Snoo Bassinet
 The Snoo Bassinet

Designed by an expert pediatrician and sleep guru, Dr. Harvey Karp, the Snoo bassinet gently rocks your baby to sleep while snuggled up in the built-in swaddle. It has a sensor and when your baby starts to fuss, the white noise gets a little louder and the rocking picks up a bit to help soothe the baby.  It’s like having your own night nurse. It also prevents risky rolling by keeping your baby positioned safely on the back, as recommended by pediatricians. It also comes with an app that you can control from your phone.   It’s a bit on the expensive side.  However, you do have an option to rent for $3.50 a day, which is a big game-changer. 

Purchase price of $1,295.00

2 – Hatch Baby Rest

Hatch Baby Rest
Hatch Baby Rest

The Hatch Baby Rest is a dual sound machine and nightlight that will grow with your family. Many parents use this product with their infants as a white-noise machine and then as a “time to rise” solution for toddlers. 

The thing I love most about this product is that the light it gives off isn’t too bright, and you can even select different color preferences; giving your toddler choices at bedtime.

Price $59.99 and you can buy now here.  

3 – The Crane Humidifier

The Crane Humidifier
The Crane Humidifier

A baby does not sleep well when it is sick.  The Crane Humidifier is a great way to ease congestion, which leads to a baby that can sleep better. 

And, it is so darn cute!!!  The look alone makes you want to purchase it.  Your little one will enjoy seeing the steam come out of the elephant’s trunk.  I may get 2, one for me and the little one. 

Price $46.99 and you can purchase it right here

4 – Nested Bean Zen Classic weighted sleep sack

Nested Bean Zen Classic weighted sleep sack
Nested Bean Zen Classic weighted sleep sack

Parents swear that a weighted sleep sack is priceless!  It will grant your baby that snug feeling transitioning from the swaddle and help your baby sleep in long stretches. 

When comparing it to other sleep sacks, the Nested Bean is much easier getting it on and off and will not disrupt your babies sleep. 

The price is $37.00-$42.00

5 – Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress
Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

When a baby is first born, the newborn can sleep up to 17 hours a day.  So, we need a good mattress that is safe (read: no chemicals) and comfort is extremely important.

Naturepedic uses allergen-friendly and waterproof materials with babies and children in mind, giving parents peace of mind as they put down their baby to sleep. 

Price is $289.00

Now, back to you – Share YOUR favorite baby products with us!

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