Certified Children’s Relaxation Teacher Training Worldwide – ShambalaKids Instructor Relax Class Training


Teach Stress Management, Boost Self-Esteem, Help Kids Manage Anxiety, Teach Core Values and more through activities, games, crafts, fun and guided imagery!

Become a Certified ShambalaKids Instructor and make a difference in the lives of children!

Are you ready to make an amazing difference in the lives of children and help them gain confidence, self-esteem, and tools they need to thrive in life?

Just imagine all those smiling, happy faces and all the lives you’ll touch as you share kids’ relaxation techniques, stress-busting tools and help kids learn valuable emotional literacy skills through games, guided imagery, and fun activities in your relaxation classes. These are skills they’ll use throughout their entire lives. Imagine making such a HUGE difference in the lives of these children. Imagine the impact on the world!

We can help you achieve your dream! Whether you’re looking to start a new business, increase your offerings, or teach children you already council, we invite you to train with us!

In our dynamic kids’ relaxation teacher training which can be done completely online, you will learn children’s relaxation techniques, stress management techniques for kids, how to use age-appropriate guided imagery and your own special voice to induce relaxation in children. You’ll learn self-esteem and relaxation games, movement exercises, calming techniques, how to help children increase self-esteem and more!

You will receive everything you need to begin teaching children’s relaxation and meditation methods right after graduation. All the children’s relaxation training, start-up class lesson plans, relaxation scripts you need, plus a suggested business guide to getting started with teaching your passion!

What your Training Includes & What You’ll Lean

Information and audio packed course encourages your own self-growth while learning skills you need to deliver, encourage and be a positive influence in children’s lives

  • Complete Teachers Training Manual
  • Full Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Audio Training for each Chapter
  • 5 full downloadable CDs for your Kid’s Relaxation Classes
  • Printable Handouts & Activity Sheets
  • Professional Editable Brochure
  • Personalized Certificate mailed to your home
  • Study online from anywhere!
  • Receive personalized support throughout your training
  • Personal Growth and support on your journey as a teacher of Kid’s Relaxation
  • Best Business Practices & how to set up and start 
  • Sample enrollment forms and business cards etc
  • Become an official ShambalaKids Instructor
  • Listing on the ShambalaKids website with your contact info, classes &/or site
  • be a part of our Private FB group 
  • Ongoing classes & designations available to SK instructors only (ADHD etc)
  • Become a part of our ShambalaKids family
  • You can complete the program in as little as 4 weeks or up to three months
  • Full access to our Teacher’s Training Cloud 
  • Children’s Stress Management Techniques and how to teach them
  • Correct breathing for children’s well being and health
  • Breathing and Relaxation Exercises
  • How to teach kids to be Self Confident
  • How to help children relax themselves
  • Age-appropriate guided visualization and how to use it with children
  • Movement and FUN games that are cooperative and spirited!
  • All about kid’s self-talk and how to help them change negative self-talk
  • Positive affirmations and how to use & teach them to kids 
  • Teach children to relax themselves with special kid-friendly techniques
  • Specifically designed kids’ worry-release techniques
  • How to teach kids mindfulness in the classroom
  • Classroom Management techniques for the new teacher and MORE!
  • The importance of your unique Voice & Training in pitch, intonation & delivery
  • Learn to teach values, stress management, and self-confidence through fun, interactive lessons in your studio, home or classroom
  • Learn all about the specialized life skills and emotional literacy foundation behind the classes
  • Move beyond relaxation skills and teach the fundamentals of healthy living and mindfulness that translate into life lessons
  • Do personal development throughout the course & beyond, learn relaxation and meditation skills and use them for yourself during the course for personal growth and analysis


Normally, relaxation classes for kids are 45 minutes to one hour long. In the lesson plans provided in your training, we include a whole lot of fun, movement, cooperative games and we teach you how to teach much needed emotional literacy life skills to children – stress management, self-esteem, positive mindset and of course, relaxation.

What does a typical Children’s Relaxation Class look like?

In our lesson plans, we layout classes based on 45 minutes to one hour of fun, interaction time! The time seems to fly by, teachers have fun, kids have a blast and everyone walks away with valuable new skills and knowing a little bit more about themselves. This is how each class and lesson plan is structured:

  • Welcome Time
  • Stretch & Movement
  • Game / Activity Time
  • Lesson Time
  • Imagination Time
  • Guided Relaxation & Meditation Time (ShambalaKids® audio or your Voice)

It’s nice for children to take something home – they will take home one CD to practice with every night and also whatever craft activity has been worked on in class that day – this could be a colored mandala, a peace flag, affirmation cards, ‘magic’ glasses or another type of craft or handout.

Our training is different in that you’re not only teaching relaxation. You’re empowering children to reduce stress, feel amazing inside and know how to deal with life’s challenges. Many instructor students are surprised to learn how much personal growth FOR THEMSELVES happens while they study this course!

Our training is different in that you’re not only teaching relaxation. You’re empowering children to reduce stress, feel amazing inside and know how to deal with life’s challenges. Many instructor students are surprised to learn how much personal growth FOR THEMSELVES happens while they study this course!

As a ShambalaKids® Children’s Relaxation Teacher, we have done the hardest part for you – we’ve created a full set of classes (completely ready to use out of the box!) These lessons are creative, fun and exciting for children. We all want children to love relaxing and using the life skills to be able to handle anything life throws at them in a calm, serene way. The lessons provided to you during your training are based on the following:

  • Relax class lesson plans (8 for each age group)
  • Designed for a small group setting but adapts well to the classroom or even one on one
  • You’ll be able to give individualized attention to each student
  • You can teach classes starting from age 4 or 5

Depending on your locale and setting, you can easily earn $15 – $20 per class, per child. If you have 10 children enrolled in one program session, you will earn $1200 for that program session on the lower end of that average. Many teachers charge upward of $200 per session, per student. You can decide to hold one full program at a time, or one every day. This allows your income potential to be completely up to you while doing fulfilling work that you can be truly proud of. You will be making a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the life of every child you teach.

Enroll Now $370.00

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