[Download] Resiliency Quiz – How Resilient Are You?

Being a parent is a challenge filled with high emotions. When our child suffers, we are flooded with anguish. When our child succeeds, we feel flooded with joy.  With such highs and lows, parents need to be resilient.  We need to always pay attention to self-care first and foremost to build the resiliency muscle.

Would you like your child to build some resiliency skills and be less reactive? We have teamed up with Mellisa Dormoy to provide parents with some tools to help their children with impulse regulation. 

Do you have the conditions in your lives that research shows help people to be more resilient?  

How well do you rebound from life’s cruel blows, both large (a loss of a job) and small (your kid says she hates you)?  

Take this resiliency quiz by Nan Henderson, MSW to understand how resilient you truly are as well as to learn ways to improve your resiliency