Can your Positive Power Heal? (a personal story + tools)

When I was a little girl, people would ask me what I wanted to do with my life, I would quickly answer, “I want to have 10 children.” 

I loved children from the get-go. Children are innocent and speak the truth so easily. Children are untainted and our children want to succeed in life.

Children need to be introduced to the positive power and to be taught skills that work for them.  Children don’t wake up in the morning and say; “I want to fail at school today.” 

Self-esteem is achieved only through successful action.
Children desire self-efficacy. Self-efficacy = Self-confidence = Self-esteem. Self-esteem is achieved only through successful action.

Was it a death sentence?

At the age of 20, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I was shocked. I’m only 20 years old and I have cancer.  

Being left completely perplexed on the affliction of my disease at such a young age, at any age, I dove into research.  

In that era, I believed cancer was a death sentence.

What is cancer? Why me? Why did his happen to me? I was devastated.  What now? Am I going to die?  

At the time of my diagnosis, I was pregnant. The doctors recommended an abortion and a radical hysterectomy. The doctor went on to say that the pregnancy hormones would proliferate the cancer. I shuddered at the thought of an abortion. I didn’t want an abortion. I wanted this baby.  

Later that week, I was watching an episode of Phil Donahue.  Phil Donahue’s show that day featured Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. He had just written the book, Male Practice How Doctors Manipulate Women.  

The letter e in the word “Male” was shaded to look like two words could represent the same thing. Mal Practice verses Male Practice. Previously, he had written Confessions of a Medical Heretic.

The Positive Power and the Placebo Effect

Dr. Mendelsohn opened my eyes to something I had never heard before. His books changed my life. He resonated with me.  I cried when he died. Dr. Mendelsohn introduced to me the power to heal from within. 

In the era of my cancer diagnosis, people rarely questioned a doctor.

People rarely searched for second or third opinions.  Dr. Mendelsohn shared with the general public what medical doctors are taught in medical school and how the doctor’s prognosis may not always be good for your health.  

We have all heard of the placebo effect.  

You give 100 people the drug and 100 people a placebo for comparison effects.  You might get 75 people improving on that drug and you also may get 75 people taking the placebo improving.  

Placebo effect proves that belief itself shifts biology.  That’s not taught enough in medical school.  

The placebo effect is the result of positive thinking.  What is the result of negative thinking?

It’s equally powerful in influencing your life, but it works in the opposite direction.  While a placebo of positive thinking, can cure you, a nocebo, negative belief, can actually cause any illness.  It can cause death just because you believe it.  

Dr. Mendelsohn taught me, “Should we give too much authority to someone in a white coat?” 

If you just give yourself over to an external authority figure, you basically become a victim twice. A victim to the condition and the diagnosis, and now you become a victim to an authority figure telling you what’s going to happen in your life.  

Deepak Chopra said, “You can believe the diagnosis but don’t believe the prognosis”.  

Prognosis is when somebody says, “You have three months to live, or, 60% of people die in six months.   It’s like telling what the temperature is now and knowing the average temperature for the year.  If the average temperature in New York City is 75 degrees it doesn’t tell me what the temperature is right now.  

Don’t fall prey to the diagnosis (or labels)

The prognosis is a signal that you may have to do something different to heal.  

You may have to make new choices and get beyond certain emotions and overcome your limited thinking.  If you are able to do that, more possibilities open up as a result of your own personal changes.  Magical things start to appear in a person’s life.  

We have all heard of radical remissions of cancer from cancer survivors from all different countries.  

Research studied 1500 cases of radical unexplainable remissions. Researchers did 250 in-depth interviews with people from al walks of life, which included those with stage 4 lung cancers, big inoperable cancerous brain tumors and many other inoperable stage 4 cancers who went into full unexplainable remission.  

There were nine factors in all these cases that these cancer survivors with unexplainable remissions used to help them heal from cancer.

In 1980, Dr. Mendelsohn was the first to introduce me to mind-body-medicine.  

And, how important trust is in your physician to help you heal. We also need to listen to our intuition (one of those 9 factors), soul (another one of those 9 factors), or gut in making medical decisions for us.

Medical decisions are extremely personal. 

The power of belief is almost everything.  What you believe at this moment is everything.  It is telling your immune system to stop and not work because we have to run from this stressor. Or, everything is cool and why don’t we relax and clean anything up. You are either in fight or flight or relaxed and it is your beliefs that toggle that switch.  So beliefs are everything.  

I was not going to be a victim twice.  

With the help of Dr. Mendelsohn’s wisdom, I chose not to abort my child and 30 + years and five children later,

I am cancer free.  

I went against the doctor’s prognosis and chose to believe I could heal myself.  I believed the diagnosis, but I did not believe the prognosis. 

Would My Cancer Diagnosis Define me? 

This event was the beginning of my life long journey into the discovery of mind-body connection.

There are a number of holistic approaches to conditions and diseases, which are effective and scientific valid approaches. However, the general public is unaware of these approaches and most holistic approaches have not seen the light of day.  

Does Cancer Change You?

When a child doesn’t fit the cookie cutter mold, the parent, doctor, and teachers are quick to prescribe the quick fix, a pill. The pill is prescribed without even a brochure on alternative methods that may be more effective than the pill.  

Yes, these methods will take longer than the 10-second pill. However these techniques will sustain your child throughout his/her whole life.

Children’s behavioral problems may not be fixed in a day and probably cannot be treated in a doctor’s office.  Most of these behavioral problems should first be addressed in the home, where there is a more supportive environment rather than just getting your child to conform to the rules and to be quiet.  

With these mindful techniques, it is a healing path.  With focus and effort, we can shift your child’s behavioral problems from catastrophic to growth. Your child can become the person they are instead of the person we expect them to become.  

There are several things one must do to help your child become that person.

  1. You must commit yourself to the process regarding your child’s behavior.  The process will impact your child’s educational, emotional and spiritual world. You must do your research to guide the process.
  2. You must be willing to reach out for help and support. You don’t have to go it alone. Others will have insight that will benefit and support you through the process.

If you as a parent are fumbling around looking for answers, I can offer hope for a new beginning. There isn’t a quick fix. There are holistic scientific methods, which can offer you some relief. We will offer you proven holistic methods to help guide you and your child to a better way of being.

Physicians, teachers, extended family, and friends offer you all kinds of suggestions on how to handle your child. There isn’t just one person out there that has a solution.  

You may be on an information roller coaster ride as you search for answers.  You may encounter criticism for trying different holistic methods. You need support for your efforts and not to be shamed for your efforts. 

Your child’s disruptive impulsive behavior may turn your household upside down.  A child’s poor impulse control and emotional flooding can create a breakdown in basic communication. A breakdown of communication undermines parental authority.  

Without parental authority, we look for answers from psychologists, teachers, and school counselors. Becoming too dependent on others for answers can undermine you and your child’s self-efficacy and interfere in a decision-making process.

My goal is to give you and your family some holistic tools and guidance to help build self-efficacy and change your life. Your child will then become the person he/she is meant to become. 

A disorder (or not becoming part of the cookie cutter mold) is NOT a disaster. Many famous people were considered to have a disorder. Here is a list of some of those famous people.

•          Albert Einstein

•          Galileo

•          Mozart

•          Leonardo da Vinci

•          Cher

•          Bruce Jenner

•          Charles Schwab

•          Henry Winkler

•          Danny Glover

•          Walt Disney

•          John Lennon

•          Greg Louganis

•          Winston Churchill

•          Henry Ford

•          Stephen Hawkings

•          Alexander Graham Bell

•          Woodrow Wilson

•          Hans Christian Anderson

•          Nelson Rockefeller

•          Thomas Edison

•          Gen. George Patton

•          Agatha Christie

•          John F. Kennedy

•          Whoopi Goldberg

•          Thomas Thoreau

•          David H. Murdock

•          Dustin Hoffman

•          Pete Rose

•          Robin Williams

•          Louis Pasteur

•          Dwight D. Eisenhower

•          Robert Kennedy

•          Prince Charles

•          Harry Belafonte

•          F. Scott Fitzgerald

•          Mariel Hemingway

•          Steve McQueen

•          George C. Scott

•          Tom Smothers

•          Suzanne Somers

•          Lindsay Wagner

•          George Bernard Shaw

•          Joan Rivers

•          Beethoven

•          Jim Carey

•          Carl Lewis

•          “Magic” Johnson

•          Sylvester Stallone

Disorder is NOT a handicap

As you can see, a disorder is not a handicap, a damaged personality, a criminal mind, or a mark of immaturity.  A disorder is a brain that functions differently. You can help your child by using holistic approaches to help maximize your child’s brainpower.  

When a child is disruptive, others are quick to label that child. Many labels include, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Anxiety, conduct disorder, defiant disorder, and developmentally delayed.

Labeling a child can restrict that child’s behavior.  

Even a positive label can affect a child’s behavior.  The label of beautiful can be restrictive, which would include that child feeling pressure to always uphold that label and be beautiful.  With age, it’s a tough battle to remain beautiful in today’s American culture of youth being beautiful.

Once diagnosed with a brain disorder such as ADHD, a child may think he can never shed that image of himself or shed the behavior that is linked to that behavior.

Before we label our children, let’s try all kinds of ways to help that child to succeed.

Your child wants to succeed.

As parents, excessive control leads to constant power struggles, where parents try to win over children rather than win children over.  

Good disciplinarians have a sense of confidence in themselves because they have a plan. We at Kid Care Approved help others to devise all kinds of plans to help your child succeed.  

As parents and as stated earlier, do you have negative power or positive power in your home? Remember it takes four positive comments to counteract one negative comment.  And, a positive power is healing and a negative power creates illness.  Here is questionnaire for you to uncover if your home is a positive home or a negative home.

Please answer these questions to uncover if you have negative or positive power in your home.

Medicine does miracles with trauma.  If you physically hurt yourself and you are in a major car accident, you don’t need a chiropractor or a homeopathic doctor.  You need a great surgeon.  

Medicine is useful. Pharmaceutical medicine has a purpose and so do therapeutic interventions. Surgery is useful.

Otherwise, if you have a chronic illness, doesn’t matter what it is, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune illnesses, you need to use an holistic approach, which means everything from mind body, emotions, energy healing, even distant healing, anything that influences your experience of mind, body, emotions.  

Chronic illnesses have developed over time and we need to get at the root cause if we are going to make a change.  


There are a number of holistic approaches to conditions and diseases, which are effective and scientific valid approaches. However, the general public is unaware of these approaches and most holistic approaches have not seen the light of day.  

We at Kid Care Approved want to share with you those holistic approaches and scientific research that have not seen the light of day. We want to shine the light and help give you information to make better choices for families just like your family.