Welcoming New Baby

My daughter is ready to have our 4th grandchild.  The new baby is due on August 10th

We are anxiously awaiting the new arrival and therefore I was so excited to have Peggy O’Mara, Editor and Publisher of Mothering Magazine 1980-2011 and founder of mothering.com, as our guest on the Facebook Live Event in the Private Facebook Group.

I wanted to help my daughter and her children to welcome the new baby and who better to help that happen than Peggy O’Mara. 

Woohoo!!!  Please join us.

In the survey, you wanted more information on how to reduce sibling rivalry.  Giving the new baby a nice warm welcome by the whole family just may reduce sibling-rivalry. 

Peggy talks to all of us about mothering, which is her expertise. She shares the advantages of fully involving children into the welcome home experience for the new baby.  

Did you know that involving a teenage child in witnessing a child’s birth can help guide their decisions regarding sexual behavior? 

I had no idea. 

We will learn about artistic expression and recall processing for our children.  Peggy wrote a terrific article on including siblings at Birth

My daughter, Coreen, delivered her first baby in a birthing center.  She literally delivered her own baby.  She reached down and pulled the baby out herself.  She decided to look at other options after having a bad experience with her original OB-GYN doctor. 

I gave Coreen the book, Male Practice How Doctors Manipulate Women by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.  After reading it, she switched doctors immediately and decided on a birthing center for delivery. The birthing center didn’t have one medical doctor.  It was filled with midwives and nurses. 

She loved her birthing experience.  My other daughter delivered her babies in a birthing room in a regular hospital setting. She too loved her birthing experience.  The birthing process is a very personal decision.  However, it is good to be well-informed about your decision.

I was not informed when I had my first two children in a hospital where drugs were used to help ease the pain. I had no idea there were other choices until seeing Dr. Mendelsohn on the Phil Donahue show.  And, I had no information on how to choose which option was best for me.  You can read more about this in my previous article here.

Dr. Mendelsohn was an eye-opener for many of us when he first appeared on the Phil Donahue show.  Phil Donahue was the Oprah of my generation. 

When I was younger, people rarely questioned doctors and they had a God-like feel to many of us, including me. 

I was taught that doctors always know best. 

My own personal experience with men in the field of obstetrics and gynecology was very unpleasant.  I remember having to hold my contractions to push because the doctor wasn’t ready yet. 


It was awful. 

After reading Male Practice How Doctor’s Manipulate Women, Medical Heretic, and my unpleasant delivery of my last two children, I was planning on delivering my daughter, Coreen, at home.  Unfortunately, the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck and I moved to the hospital for delivery. I was in labor for 3 days and if I would have been to any other doctor, I am sure I would have had a C-section.

However, Dr. Mendelsohn referred us to this doctor and this doctor was well prepared and followed me all the way.  My body reacted according to plan and with absolutely no drugs for pain, I delivered a healthy 8 lb 7 oz baby girl, Coreen.

Even with the complications, it was the best delivery I ever had. I was completely shocked when it came time to push and the doctor said, “Do what you have to do!”  I thought I died and went to heaven.  Holding back the pushing process is a nightmare.  I let my body do what it needed to do, and it all turned out beautifully.

Peggy and I resonated with each other on home birthing and our shared knowledge of Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn.  The two of us are mothers and grandmothers. 

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I’ll see you then.

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