Sometimes you may just feel a little stuck and may need that non-judgmental support from someone who knows what you are going through, will listen without jumping to conclusions and can help point you in the right direction.

Parenting is hard.

Nobody prepares us for the onslaught of challenges that comes with it. We all try hard as parents, but it is difficult to come up with successful parenting strategies on our own.

Sometimes we all just need a little help.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, I would love to that someone who can help!

What is Parenting Coaching?

It is YOUR time to brainstorm proactive strategies for solving some core parenting challenges within your family.

We start by looking at the situations from all angles, trying to understand it from your child’s point of view, so we can focus on the root causes of the disruptive behavior NOT the symptoms.


I am here to share with you the latest and greatest research from experts that will help you parent in the most effective way out there.

Together, we’ll design an actionable plan that YOU can implement right away. We’ll focus on strategies that will help you find more respect and cooperation in your household AND teach your child life-long habits.

Book your Coaching Session TODAY!!

I am a National Certified Counselor and an Award-Winning International Professional Coach with over 20 years of experience. And I am here to help!

Our careers, parenting, and relationships are not easy. Athletes need coaches. LeBron James has a coach. He’s great and still has a coach. So, why shouldn’t we have a coach to help us in life?

I don’t know about you, but I think life can be pretty tough. In Hamilton now playing on Broadway, George Washington said to Alexander Hamilton, “Dying is easy, young man, living is harder.”

What to Expect?

Once you schedule your coaching session, we’ll jump on a call and dive right in.

Sessions can include talking, brainstorming, goal setting, practicing and role-playing successful parenting strategies or even meditation, hypnosis and EMDR technique (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), which helps with traumatic experiences. 

I want to help you change patterns that no longer serve you and find new habits that help you to become a better parent and start living a more productive and energized life.

Be prepared for a life-changing experience!

Your investment is $150 per hour <or $500 for one month for weekly sessions and accountability>. 

Benefits of Parenting Coaching

  1. Better Relationship with Your Child
  2. More Confidence in Your Parenting Skills
  3. Improved Communication with your Parenting Partners
  4. Peace in Your Household

Are you still skeptical?

I hear you!

It is OK to be skeptical about Parenting Coaching – After all, you are likely bombarded with FREE advice coming at you from everywhere. You may have tried some of the parenting classes and strategies with no success.

But I promise you, this will be different.

I am not here to judge you or to try to change you.

I am here to assess what is going on, see it from a non-biased perspective, share some of the tried and true strategies that helped other parents.

Together we will develop a UNIQUE action plan that will fit you and your household.