ADHD and Autism Strategies: LIVE Q & A session with Dr. Raun Melmed

Dr. Raun Melmed founder of the Melmed Center and SARRC center in Phoenix, AZ, joined us for our Facebook Q & A session this week.  

Both of these institutions are internationally and nationally recognized as premier diagnostic centers and treatment centers for children with developmental delays such as ADHD and Autism

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Dr. Melmed is the author of 3 children’s books:

  1. Harriet’s Monster Diary; Awfully anxious – gives a report in front of her class.
  2. Marvin’s Monster Diary; ADHD Attacks – Life is out of control until a secret formula changes everything.
  3. Timmy’s Monster Diary; Screen Time Stress – Doesn’t really know how much time he spends in front of a screen.

KCA critique Dr. Yarrow Dunham from Yale University gave it an overall score of 90%, which is impressive.  Dr. Duhan from Yale said this,

“The two techniques the book focuses on, the camera technique to improve noticing and the ST4 technique to reduce impulsiveness, are reasonable adaptations of common skills taught in clinical settings.

It is worth noting that parents may need to work with children to make the point of these activities fully clear to the child, as the book doesn’t drum home the point so much (again, not necessarily a negative as it helps keep the narrative front and center).

One might offer a gentle critique that acquiring these mindfulness skills is often a long process with many setbacks and even failures mixed, in, and so many children will not have as easy a time getting these skills into regular practice as Marvin did in the story, so parents should work with children to ensure that they have realistic expectations.”

Some of the things we have learned are:

  • The ST4 technique and the camera technique to help reduce impulsiveness
  • Screen Stress Time
  • Social Skills Training Groups and it’s effectiveness
  • Diagnosis of ADHD
  • Confusion with a different diagnosis, i.e. ADHD vs. Aspergers (Autism)

Also, visit our Group to view this Q & A session with Dr. Raun Melmed.  He is an amazing man with extraordinary accomplishments. 

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