KCA – What is a heart-o-meter? 

The KCA Heart-O-Meter score – based on supportive research and opinions of teachers, counselors, coaches, experimental psychologists, clinical psychologists, and students engaged in child development research at our nation’s top universities.  Experts only.

It is a trusted measurement in areas of interest for children, which includes cognitive development, moral development, academic achievement, and socio-emotional development (depending on the specific book topic).

It represents the percentage of qualified critic reviews that are positive for a given children’s book or film.




Wide-release books from a large publishing house with a score of 70% or higher that are reviewed by at least 50 critics as well as ones which 3 are “Top Critics” are given the KCA Seal of Approval.  The KCA Seal of Approval means that mental health experts and psychological scientists have recommended it.  The “Kid Care Approved” remains until the score falls below 60%.  Books with limited releases from a smaller publisher only require 30 reviews (including 3 from “Top Critics”) to qualify for the Psychologist’s Seal of Approval.

KCA Heart Positive


KCA Heart Positive.  Books with a score of 60% or higher that do not meet the requirements for the Kid Care Approved seal of approval are given a KCA Heart Positive rating.

The books on our website have achieved the coveted spot of being published and approved on the Kid Care Approved website. We believe focusing only on the positive side of children’s media and therefore, have chosen not to publish negative reviews. We host only the best of the best in children’s media.