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As a review aggregator, we curate and review top children’s books and products in the area of social-emotional development and academic success. We also offer tools for parents, which are the best researched holistic psychological methods for parenting children. Please sample a couple of our most sought-after tools on Kid Care Approved.  

~ Parenting Style Assessment: A 2-page questionnaire that helps parents evaluate their own style and its impact on their child’s well-being and development

~ ADHD Assessment Questionnaire:Research shows that ADD and ADHD symptoms can be a byproduct of not getting enough sleep. This tool helps uncover the lack of sleep that is frequently mistaken for ADHD

Kid Care Approved is THE #1 place for parents to discover the best holistic approach to help create champions in children with socio-emotional development and academic success. 

Honoring and respecting our Great Research Institutions, we are bringing the most up-to-date research to publishers, product makers, and families, just like your family.  We are changing the way parents and teachers choose media.

The average child watches more than 20 hours of TV shows and movies per week, and the majority of children read or are read to at least 3X per week. Problem is parents have few resources for determining which books and programs are high quality, educational, and developmentally appropriate. Parents don’t always have the most up-to-date knowledge on child-rearing practices and child development norms.

Problems continue, which include 56% of parents believe kids have the impulse control to resist the desire to do something forbidden before the age of 3 and 43% of parents think kids are able to share and take turns with other kids before the age of 2. These parents have unrealistic expectations for their children’s behavior.

We are experimental psychologists, clinical psychologists, and psychology students engaged in child development research at universities across the country. We grant a Psychologists Seal of Approval.

Our team includes Dr. Yarrow Dunham at Yale University, Dr. Nicole McNeil at University of Notre Dame and Dr. Christa Lynch with Arizona State University helping us to help you. Experts only.

We grant a Kid Care Seal of Approval, which has research to back the reviews. Helping parents to guide and not punish. Offering parents realistic expectations for their children’s behavior.  Helping parents and educators find quality materials that offer sensitive and effective ways to educate their children.

The selection process of children’s books at KCA is done through a book submission form on our website.  Our team at KCA will decide if the books meet our specific genre, which includes cognitive development, moral development, academic achievement, and socio-emotional development (depending on the specific book topic). Or, our Top Critic Reviewers will pick books that meet our standards at KCA.  Kid Care Approved does not accept any payment for book reviews.

Our only exception to payment for book reviews is our annual book contest. This payment is to cover the expenses associated with the book contest. 

Our books aren’t afraid to tackle tough topics like anxiety, depression, grief and loss.  These books can help children develop resiliency and gain understanding of their emotions. We want them to know that their feelings are mentionable and manageable. 

Some books include the most up-to-date and rigorous research to back them. Through KCA, we want to help create champions in children to achieve self-efficacy, build character, tackle puberty, and find a positive outlook in order to achieve their goals. 

We have 2 separate categories of reviews, which are Kid Care Seal of Approval and KCA (Kid Care Approved) Heart Positive. 

KCA Seal of Approval books score at an 80% or higher and/or is reviewed by one “Top Critics” and/or have at least one peer-reviewed journal article as evidence for something stated in the review.  The Top Critic needs to score the book with an 80% or higher. The Kid Care Seal of Approval means that mental health experts and psychological scientists have recommended it. 

KCA Heart Positive are books that score between 65% or better and do NOT meet the requirements of KCA Seal of Approval

A top critic is a PhD Psychologist who teaches child development or works in a children’s research laboratory at a university or PhD candidates working in a research laboratory being supervised by PhD clinical psychologists. Other critics are undergraduate students studying childhood development or those selected by KCA that meet specific criteria, which may include national publications and media exposure in childhood development.

The books, tools and products on our website have achieved the coveted spot of being published and approved on the Kid Care Approved website. We believe focusing only on the positive side of children’s media and therefore, have chosen not to publish negative reviews. We host only the best of the best in children’s media and products.

Experts in the area of child development are the only ones who review KCA books. We do not offer user or parent reviews on our Kid Care Approved website. 

We offer great care for our children. Children need a place where it is clear that feelings are mentionable and manageable.

That’s Why We Started Kid Care Approved. We review books, products, and tools to offer the best researched methods to parent and educate our children. So, help us to help you and let’s use research to help children thrive!

~  Kid Care Approved